Large 10mm Mediterranean Jasper in Silver Handmade Rosary Handmade in Oklahoma 5 decade Pardon Crucifix


Very large 10mm non-faceted (smooth) bead Mediterranean Jasper rosary in silver made in Oklahoma includes 5 decade, a Pardon crucifix and Miraculous Medal center. Mediterranean Jasper is beautiful hues of Turquoise mixed with bisque (brownish grey). The smooth beads offer a wonderful natural stone feel. Lifetime warrantee and velveteen carrying bag with attached "handmade" charm are included with the order as well as a note about the Pardon Crucifix.

An order of two or more rosaries is upgraded to USPS Priority shipping. All single orders ship first class. Orders ship within one business day unless customized!

This is a heavy, stunning Rosary. The beads and crucifix are gorgeous I am just thrilled. It is perfect for giving, and for your personal prayer life. I know of another seller that sells ones like this for $150 on Etsy. Trust me, go with this seller. You'll want to buy more than one because it is so affordable. They are excellent to display due to the quality and size. You don't have to be Catholic, or say the Rosary to use prayer beads like this. They help anyone focus their prayers and maintain a posture of reverence for the Risen Lord.

Love it. Very pretty.

As always, shop owner delivers on a sturdy quality product that is unmatched in beauty.

This is a beautiful rosary! I would definitely buy from Oklahoma Rosaries again.

Another great rosary! It’s just like the photo.