Large 10mm Opalite (Imitation Opal) in Silver Handmade Rosary Handmade in Oklahoma 5 decade with Pardon Crucifix Smooth Beads


Beads - 10mm Smooth Bead Opalite (Imitation Opal Glass)
Center - Miraculous Medal
Crucifix - Pardon
Length - 26 inches

Very large 10mm Nonfaceted bead Opalite Imitation Opal (Glass) rosary in silver made in Oklahoma includes 5 decade, a Pardon crucifix and Miraculous Medal center. Mediterranean Jasper is beautiful hues of Turquoise mixed with bisque (brownish grey). The smooth beads offer a wonderful natural stone feel. Lifetime warrantee and velveteen carrying bag with attached "handmade" charm are included with the order as well as a note about the Pardon Crucifix.

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Its so cute my friend loves it

Seriously don’t second guess buying this. It’s stunning. I choked up when I saw how gorgeous it was.

Great job this is by far the best

This rosary is absolutely gorgeous! It definitely matched the description and has met my expectations! Thank you very much!

Stunning quality & so very beautifully crafted with great care...