Large 10mm Purple and Gold Ceramic Rosary in Bronze With Miraculouse Medal and Pardon Crucifix Handmade in Oklahoma


Beads - 10mm Purple and Gold
Center - Miraculous Medal
Crucifix - Pardon
Length 26 inches

Extra Large handmade rosary from Ceramic 10mm beads each accented with bronze bead caps. . A beautiful 2 1/8 inch bronze crucifix and a Miraculous Medal center finish this heirloom quality rosary. The larger size is especially easy for arthritic hands to hold. Lifetime warrantee and velveteen carrying bag with handmade charm.

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Lifetime warranty.

Gorgeous rosary. I own quite a few of their rosaries. The quality is exceptional and their customer service is amazing.

This is my 3rd Rosary from this Shop. Herein lies the issue ; the “stones” are actually dyed plastic. The advertisement says nothing about faux stones. This Rosary is not heirloom quality as stated. When brought to the Shop Owners attention, I was told the “colors” of the beads are of religious significance (I went to Catholic school, must have missed that tidbit) but they did not have to be “real”. A replacement was offered. I accepted but specifically stated that I would like actual stones (some are rocks, crystals etc it depends - hard to explain) I received an “Ocean Agate” Rosary that was made of glass. Literally glass. Again, I brought this up. I was basically told not everyone could be satisfied. Blatantly lying to me is not the same as me being dissatisfied. I’m a Geologist & Catholic. Buy elsewhere. For shame.

First, sorry for waiting so long to submit this review. The rosary is beautiful and feels substantial. This is my very first rosary and I love it. I will cherish it for a long time to come.

My experience is Excellent and beautiful of this product.

This is a beautiful rosary.