Lapis and Copper 10mm oversized Rosary handmade in Oklahoma


Genuine handmade lapis and copper tone rosary with full bead caps. Pardon crucifix and Madonna center. This rosary is especially comfortable for arthritic hands to hold due to the oversized beads. Lifetime warrantee and velveteen carrying bag with handmade charm.

I ship orders within one business day!

I love this Rosary! It is well made with quality materials. The blue is in this Lapis is mesmerizing. It is one of my favorite stones and I was thrilled to find a Rosary made of it. The size of the beads make it easy to use, and the spacing is perfect. You can make your way through this Rosary so easy with your eyes closed in prayer because your fingers can easily feel as you approach the end of the decade. The only downside is that it make the Rosary overall a bit large, so it take some getting to use to in order to control the beads as your are praying. But with use and time, you will get it. And is it really a bad thing to spend more time with your Rosary? No way!

Gorgeous rosary. Keep in mind that is truly "oversized" and thus not really suitable for carrying in a pocket.

Wonderful craftmanship, beautiful rosary! Love it!