Day of the Dead All Souls Day Rosary 10mm Magnasite Skull in Bronze with a Pardon Crucifix Cross Catholic Handmade in Oklahoma


This unusual handmade rosary crafted in Oklahoma is made of 10 mm stone skulls. The crucifix measures over 2 inches and the center is a powerful Miraculous Medal , this rosary is large enough to hang on the wall for display or carry. This is larger than the standard rosary and easier for arthritic hands to hold. Length -26 to 27 inches. Weight 4. oz.

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Very good quality beads and materials, wouldn’t hesitate to order again, thanks!

Great quality, I would definitely buy it again.

These are beyond my expectations. Such quality!

oh my god this is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! i’m so glad i got this for my partner! they’re going to love it!!!