Large 10mm Synthetic Striped Bead Orange Red Yellow Blue in Bronze Rosary Handmade in Oklahoma 5 decade Pardon Crucifix


Stone - Synthetic
Beads - non faceted 10mm Smooth bead
Crucifix - 2 1/8 inch Pardon Crucifix
Center - Miraculous Medal
Length - 26 - 27 inches

This synthetic bead is a bright cheery brightly colored ball with the weight and feel of wood. It is less heavy than a true stone bead. The same large 10mm non-faceted (smooth) bead rosary in bronze made in Oklahoma includes 5 decade, a Pardon crucifix and Miraculous Medal center. Lifetime warrantee and velveteen carrying bag with attached "handmade" charm are included with the order as well as a note about the Pardon Crucifix.

An order of two or more rosaries is upgraded to USPS Priority shipping. All single orders ship first class. Orders ship within one business day unless customized!