10mm Garnet Pardon Rosary in Bronze Handmade Oklahoma


This beautiful handmade rosary crafted in Oklahoma is made of large 10mm smooth stones. The pardon crucifix measures over two inches and is really stunning an insert is included that explains the history and beatitudes attached to this crucifix. The center is a beautiful and powerful miraculous medal in bronze. ALL beads are accented with bronze bead caps. The chain is steel and very strong. Garnet has a high mineral content and the weight is closer to metal than rock. This rosary is comparable to a rosary of ball bearings not light or even medium weight. Weight almost 6 ounces. This is a real heirloom rosary. This rosary is large enough to hang on the wall for display or carry. The rosary measures 26 inches. All our rosaries come with a lifetime repair warranty.

I ship in one business day and if you purchase more than one rosary the shipping is upgraded to USPS priority.

Absolutely beautiful rosary!

I bought this rosary for my mother, who is currently in the hospital and currently in critical condition and in a conscious coma. I brought it up to her today and she held onto it, which was beautiful to see. I am planning on getting it blessed by a priest as soon as possible. I plan on purchasing another for her so she can keep this one with her at the hospital as unfortunately the rosary she had that I had brought to her upon admission was lost. I will also be purchasing one for my husband. God bless you and your beautiful work 💗🙏🏾

Absolutely beautiful 😍 I had no idea what a pardon crucifix was. It is stunning.

Garnets are my favorite. This rosary is wonderfully constructed, sturdy, and heavy.