10mm Tiger's Eye Rosary in Bronze with a Pardon Crucifix handmade in Oklahoma


Perfect for Arthritic hands, this beautiful handmade rosary crafted in Oklahoma is made of large 10mm Nonfaceted (smooth) Tiger's eye beads with bronze bead caps on each side of the beads. A magnificent huge cross is 2 1/8 inches tall and a beautiful Miraculous medal center also in bronze finish this heirloom quality design. This rosary is large enough to hang on the wall for display or carry. It is larger than the standard rosary and easier for arthritic hands to hold. Catholic 5 Decade - Lifetime repair warranty - and velveteen bag included. To see my other rosaries search: Oklahoma Rosaries

Wow, even more gorgeous in real life! And it comes with a lifetime warranty?!?! I can’t express how much that’s appreciated, I feel good about buying from this shop. The quality is literally so good, they really know what they’re doing. I highly recommend them, and I’ll be purchasing again down the road ♥️

Great rosary. Well made of quality materials.

Absolutely amazing! This is my first rosary! The tigers eye is super high quality and beautiful! Rosary is large and gorgeous. This will be an item I will cherish for a long time <3

It is beautiful, just like the 14mm cat’s eye wall rosary.

I bought this rosary for my husband. He likes the color and the quality.