Large 10mm Green Jade and Bronze Handmade Rosary Handmade in Oklahoma 5 decade Pardon Crucifix


Large 10mm Mayla Jade and Bronze Handmade Rosary Handmade in Oklahoma 5 decade. Pardon crucifix and Madonna center. This rosary is especially comfortable for arthritic hands to hold due to the over sized beads. Lifetime warrantee and velveteen carrying bag with handmade charm.

I ship orders within one business day!

This is a gift for our daughter, I am sure she will love it.

Beautiful color, well made. A beautiful gift.

All went very smoothly, considering I am in the UK and the shop is in the US. But no problems whatsoever, postage-wise, etc. And the rosary is gorgeous! Large beads, just what I wanted. And the lovely green of jade. Brilliant. (I love jade (you might have guessed)). Highly recommended, if anyone else is thinking of buying one.

Absolutely beautiful. I saw the Rosary 7 days a week. I have three of Oklahoma Rosaries and they were all much better than shown in the photos and so well made. I am tempted to get 4 more!